Learning Futures Symposium. Australian National University Canberra September 10 - 11, 2007


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A symposium is normally a forum in which invited participants discuss recent progress in a field, exchange up-to-date information, have intense discussions around a related set of issues, and identify issues for further study. It is exploratory by nature, and its purpose should be to inform people about the issues so that they can make appropriate decisions when necessary. There should be lots of opportunites for people to join groups, to set up their own topics.

Learning Futures is about swapping ideas, about learning from each other as professionals across education sectors, and about maximising participation for all. As such, there will be no formal papers presented (as per a regular conference).

The style of symposium follows the Unconference model. This model draws content from the participants rather than the speaker or conference organisers.

current program

Please note that the program is only indicative at this stage.

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