Learning Futures Symposium. Australian National University Canberra September 10 - 11, 2007
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how a session works

Sessions will typically run for 55 minutes, and be facilitated by a speaker who introduces the issues to be discussed in the session.

Here is how we envisage a session as working:

Timing Notes
h:00 Group arrives, settles
h:05 Session begins, introduction by facilitator
h:10 Group brainstorm, issues recorded on whiteboard or similar
h:15 Small-group break-outs, 8-10 per group
h:40 Small-group report-backs
h:50 Facilitator sums up
h:55 Session closes

At the end of each day, the session facilitator will report back the session's findings to the larger, assembled symposium.

Each session will be recorded and podcast.

Delegates are encouraged to add to the session wiki at the end of the day (or even during the session, if they wish) to document the session's discussions.